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Tamás Imre Tamás Imre Chairman
Contact Mobil: +36 20 557 5572
I was born in 1971 in Budapest, and was raised by an intellectually and artistically minded family. Having it as a family tradition, my father, elder brother, godfather and uncle were very much into photography. My first mentor was my uncle Miklós Marosi Amatorphotograper , who guided me through the - for me at this time still mystical - labyrinths of photography. Sadly, my father passed away early. After his death I inherited his Zenit camera and tried to learn the proper way of exposure, when I was only 11 years old.

Whatever else I studied, photography and fine art continued to be an important part of my life. I used different cameras in the last decades including Zenit, Praktika, Olympus, Mamiya, and Nikon. Since 2000, I?ve been using the Canon photography system. I?ve got a lot of support and encouragement to my work and also to my per-sonal development from Péter Vincze, a Hungarian professional glamour photo-grapher. In the last ten years, photography, as a way of creating fine art, became the major part of my life. First, traveling around with organized tours, we recorded the beautiful remnants of Europe?s historical heritage; then renowned Hungarian famous professional photographer Géza Varro took me under his wings and helped me to develop my skills, focusing on building, object and model photography.
The big jump for me was, when I began to work for FotoArt Magazine, which helped me to earn a reputation in this field. Since 2003, I ve been working as a professional photographer at the magazine, where I am an executive co-worker. Also as a head teacher at the fotooktatas photo-school(, I teach the tricks of the trade for the enthusiast potential photographers. I am responsible for teaching the subjects of using SLR bodies, building photography, animal photography, dance photography, body photography the subjects of photo-journalism and street photography and also the latest developments in the digital workflow like RAW format management and using Photoshop to the full extent.
I’m also very much engaged in other areas of my profession: having a degree in engineering, I test photographic equipment on the field as well as in the lab.
Being the artistic instructor and workshop leader of several photo courses in dance, model, body, animal, bird and landscape photography, I teach my students on how to achieve better composition.

Nature photography - autobiography
I was fallen for nature photography very early. For a nature photographer my home-town Budapest and its surroundings offer, even today, countless opportunities. One of my most preferred destinations is the Hortobágyi Nemzeti Park (National Park of Hortobagy), which is part of the World Heritage. Decades ago, as the youngest member of the Magyar Természetjáró Szövetség (the Hungarian Rambler?s Associa-tion), I?ve became acquainted with the beauties of nature and the amazing sights of wildlife. At that time, there was still an exceedingly rich flora and fauna. The ama-zingly vivid experiences soon got a hold on me, and probably thanks to this, I have traveled thousands of miles In Hungary and all around the world. Through hiking I?ve became richer with many new experiences and knowledge. My camera turned into my inseparable partner. For decades its lens has offered me an insight into the rebirth of nature, and the dramas of wildlife. My camera records the colours, forms and feelings. These elements arrange themselves together through the mind, heart and soul of the photographer. Hence the resulting photo provides a statement about its creator, and also about man and nature relation. I also believe, the present Canon technology offers to me, as a photographer, excellent means to record the events and processes of nature as they happen in reality. I would like my photos to raise thoughts among the viewers. With them, I am reaching out to others to make them see the vul-nerability and recognise the need for joined efforts to save our natural habitat. A good wildlife photographer can make a lot to lay the foundations of this attitude to-wards nature. Despite the fact, that nature photography is not an easy task, it does worth the effort. It comes with a lot of endurance and requires never ending persis-tence.
Nature photography has become integral part of my life over the last decade. As an owner and leading lecturer at Hungary’s renowned nature photography school I teach the interested students to acquire the necessary skills of the trade. Using slide-show presentations in our class, I also provide environmental education and help knowledge sharing. These are extremely important for me, as I was born in a country, which lagged behind the rapid development of environmental awareness. The extremely rich bird population of Hungary is known all over the world. My pho-tos can be found not only in books, publications and exhibitions, but on posters advocating environmental protection hanged in primary and high schools and on educational DVD materials.
Being a member of the Hungarian nature photography club, FotoNatura Hungary, between 2003-2007, I enrolled numerous MAFOSZ, international FIAP and PSA competition. Among much recognition, I am most proud of the received category firs prize at the International Federation of Wildlife Photography Competition 2004. The other biggest success for me was when I won all the prizes on the Pannonia dia Szalon ( Pannonia slide Salon) competition 2006. Here I received the individual first prize, collection first prize and the group first prize. As a tribute I also got the main prize, the FotoNatura Cup.
I try to fulfill obligations, so I took on the role of the Presidency of the Wildlife Society of Hungarian Nature Photograpers (Vadvilág Magyar Természetfotósok Egyesülete), which was founded in 2005. My achievements so far inspire me to continue my work. I know I am on the right path. Whatever I have done and going to do for environment protection is without any selfish reasons. I take part in projects of NATURA 2000, the Ministry of Environment and Water, the Hungarian Ornithology and Environment Association (Bird Life Hungary) and the WWF Hungary.
The professional cameras by Canon make my everyday work easier. Being a multi-profile photographer, Canon equipment provides me the highest degree of freedom. For model, dance and landscape photography the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II and EOS 1Ds Mark III are my best choices of cameras. For photographing the beha-vior of animals, I prefer using EOS 1D Mark IIN and EOS 5DMark II DSLR bodies. The professional photographer first gets the full image in his mind before making the exposure. Whatever I imagine, I can do it with Canon. This is why I love this brand.

2009 Hungary Természetfotó Magazin online
2009 Nature Photo Magazine online
2006 National Geographic Traveler Hungary
2005- National Geographic Kids Hungary
2005- National Geographic Hungary Online
2005 Természet Búvár Magazin (Nature Magazine in Hungary)
2005 Madártávlat Magazin (Bird Life Hungary)
2004 Vadgazda magazin (Hunter Magazine)

2009- Canon Pro Club President (Platinum)
2005- Wildlife Society of Hungarian Nature Photograpers President
2003-2006 International Federation Wildlife Photograpy (IFWP)
2003-2006 Foto Natura Hungary
2002 Kőbányai fotó Club (Hungary)

2008 Szeged Nature making music Living concert DIGIRAMA (slideshow) with 1600 photos
2007 Ministry of Environment and Water Green gallery the Artists of the moment exhibition
2007 Parises environmental protection exhibition
2006 Ministry of Environment and Water constant exhibition
2006 King meadow castle hostels constant exhibition (Királyréti Kastélyszálló)
2006 Natura 2000 welcoming National Parks wanderer exhibition
Budapest, Kecskemét, Szeged, Debrecen
2006 Stefánia Palace welcoming national parks independent exhibition
2006 Royal Norwegian Embassy Wonders of the North independent exhibition
2005 Hungarian Natural History Museum Wonders of the North independent exhibition Magyar
2005 King meadow castle hostels Wonderful nature exhibition
2004 Vista Gallery Wonderful nature exhibition
2004 Ministry of Environment and Water Green gallery Wonderful nature exhibition

Prizes and Awards:

2009 Indies Photolovers PSA Gold medal Best of Show 1st Prize and PL. Gold medal Judges Choice

2009 Arizona Photographic Society Exhibition Nature Honourable Mention

2009 USA Mississippi Valley Salon of Photography Open category Bronz medal

2009 USA Mississippi Valley Salon of Photography Nature PSA Gold medal 1st Prize best in show, Best Wildlife Awards, Nature Bronz medal and Nature Honourable Mention

2009 Italy 13° Gran Tour delle Colline The Best Work Trofeo Super circuit 1st Prize Awards , and FIAF Jury Awards

2009 France Tropheé de Paris Diaporama Feszt PRIX Awards

2009 England 63rd Bristol International Salon of Photography PSA Gold Medal 1st Prize Best Wildlife and Judges Choice DC Medal and Honourable Mention.

2009 USA 6. Tropical Image Exhibition PSA Gold Medal 1st Prize Awards

2009 Ausztrália 9rd. Adelaide AV Fest 2009 Diaporama World Fest the ”Warriors of the Wilds” digirama ”Top of Festival” 1st Prize Awards FIAP Gold Medal

2009 USA Greater Lynn International Salonon PSA Gold 1st Prize Best of Show

2006 V. Pannonia slide Salon competition. First prize, collection first prize and the group first prize.

2006 FIAP Nature Wildlife World competition Honourable Mention díjazott kollekció

2005 MAFOSZ Salon 1st Prize Awards

2004 Norway International Federation Wildlife Photograpy (IFWP)
Other animal categori 1st Prize

Tamás Imre

Nature photographer